Hampstead Primary SchoolHampstead Primary School

Government of South Australia - Department for Education (DECD)

Hampstead Primary School
Our focus is your child.

Established in 1956, Hampstead Primary School provides quality teaching and care for children from preschool to year 7.

Hampstead Primary School is situated 8km North East of the Adelaide CBD. Located on Muller Road, Greenacres, it is serviced by 2 different bus routes to the city and outer suburbs. Hampstead Primary School is located within walking distance of Light’s View and close to Northgate. The local shopping centre is modern and extensive. Greenacres Public library is a short walk from the school. Students at Hampstead Primary School enjoy a small caring, community atmosphere in which every staff member knows every student. Smaller class sizes are a feature of the school.


Enrolling your child at Hampstead Primary School will ensure they feel welcomed and accepted as part of a caring, supportive, challenging and rigorous learning environment.

As Principal of such a dynamic and diverse school as Hampstead Primary School, I am keen to share with you our high quality school community and learning environment.

Our teaching and support staff are highly skilled and committed to providing engaging and rigorous.

learning programs that are of the highest quality and meet the standards of the South Australian Teaching for Effective Learning” framework.

We have spacious, well cared for grounds and large indoor and outdoor learning spaces that enable flexibility and a range of different learning opportunities for your child.

Our students are encouraged to utilise a range of digital technologies to support their learning. We have available ipads, laptops, tablets and computer pods throughout the school. Interactive whiteboards are installed in every indoor learning space.

We specialise in The Arts and Science, have well equipped Performing Arts Centre and Science room and our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program has a student centred kitchen and generous organic garden.

Our school motto of: “Learning for Success” drives us to the build 21st Century learning skills of collaboration, communication, resilience and innovation in every student.

Diversity is respected and valued at Hampstead Primary School. We have an inclusive environment where the needs of the individual are considered, a learning plan (SMART Goal) is developed for individual students.

We are a family friendly school and enjoy getting to know each student and their family.

I invite you to contact me to arrange a time to visit our school.
On behalf of the school community, I look forward to seeing you and your child/children at Hampstead Primary School.

Joy Keddie